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Option of making players being able to attack/get attacked in the open world



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    I gave the WoW example for a reason. People enjoy open world PvP, if not, the game wouldn't be so popular.

    Last I checked, it was a few years ago, open PvP servers in WoW aren't nearly as popular as no PvP servers in WoW. In fact when I checked a lot of the PvP servers had major population issues. I don't think enough people enjoy open world PvP in mmorpgs anymore. And there are korean games that fill that need well.

    Then why WoW Classic is a thing now? As far as I remember WoW's servers at start were open PvP full mode on. Also I'm not saying to have the one or the other... I'm saying to have both in the same time coexisting.

    I'm sorry, but WoW Classics is NOT a thing and isn't likely to become one … at least, not to any serious gamer that I know.

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    Why people are against something that doesn't affect them? If you don't want to fight with other players in PvE maps then fine - don't do it, but let others have fun this way if they feel like it. Personally I would love to see some kind of duels in PvE, like it was done in 4story for example.

    Because it would affect them in a game that requires cooperation to finish the content. Maps require players to "work" properly, players that are actively participating in the content of the map.

    If that's your worry then let other fight in Lion's Arch, Rata Sum and other capitals.

    I prefer being able to watch an orchestra sitting on my chair I spent gems on over random fights though. Would fights cause loading into capitals much slower? Would walking to the vault lag like walking through a wvw blob?

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    i really hope they fix that bug, if not then you will never ever see me anywhere near that garbage.

    the truth is harsh, my opinions are too.

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    How exactly do you trick a newbie to enable it (assuming there is a huge dialog window popping up with a warning), and exactly what horrible thing would happen if a some exceptionally gullible newbie would believe everything they told and get killed once (without losing anything really), then disable it back?

    That would depend on specific mechanics, of course, but it is something that happens very frequently in practically any game with "optional" open world pvp.
    And the "horrible thing" that would happen is that lot of new players simply quit the game at this point. It is also something that is well known, and one of the main reasons why games with open world pvp in any form, optional or not, are far less common now than they once were.
    In short, it generates so much bad PR it is generally not worth it.

    Here is an example of how to flag the unwilling. This is from SWTOR, which eventually did away with the "opt in by flagging yourself" ( which was easily exploited) and made a pvp instance of each server which one can swap between.

    Flagging others was easy. Flag yourself and go into a player's AOE; the player was auto flagged. Stealth characters were ideal as they could also hide on top of pve quest objectives, get clicked on, thus flagging the other player. In practice, there was no "opt in".

    Just a few weeks ago they finally added an "auto decline duel requests" option so people can avoid the duel spam.