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[NA] [Mag] Maguuma is Open for Business

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Maguuma is in need of a few smaller havoc forces to help stabilize its tier placement. We are not looking for a tier 1 push to knock BG out, we want only to stabilize in tier 2 so our aussies stop yelling at us. Currently our strongest time zone is OCX followed by NA Prime.

At the moment Mag has the following coverage
Larger guilds (15+):
NA - IV, Heyy, CTH (on hiatus - DIS, MoD)
EU - CTH Ktrain 3-4 times a week (20-50 people)
SEA - None
OCX - BoB Community (1-2 Groups)

For Havoc/Roaming groups:
NA - Snac, BoB
EU - None
SEA - None
OCX - (BoB)

PVX groups that sometimes make an appearance:

Our current link is AR which has a few more stable NA groups to help fill in the week, but also suffers from the same coverage gaps and lack of smaller groups back capping and providing necessary pressure to enemy objectives while their zergs respond to our zergs. Keep in mind there is no Warchest, we arent looking to buy coverage, however we can always organize a xushin walkthrough on gold earning in game.

If you are a small guild group wanting more information, or a resident maguuman looking for a wvw group to join, hop on over to our discord at:



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