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[NA] [Mag] Maguuma, Open again!!!

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edited February 10, 2020 in Looking For Guild

Mag is once again open. We are currently lacking a small ppt havoc squad in NA and ocx, Pugmanders in all time zones, and anything in SEA. Our NA coverage is pretty Massive, just lacks people hitting camps and preventing back caps on the BLs. Our link fills this role well in the meantime.

At the moment Mag has the following coverage

Larger guilds (15+):
NA - CTH, DIS, IV, Main, EBG cloud.....
SEA - None
OCX - BoB Community (1-2 Groups)

Sub-15 man guilds:
NA - BEAR, BoB, FurE, KRAB, Snac
EU - None
SEA - None
OCX - (BoB)

PVX groups that sometimes make an appearance:
NA - Hero, ME, SFD

Current link coverage
NA - cBO, NvL Rx, ZF
EU - None
SEA - None
OCX - None

Here is our server discord for those who already made it over or are on our link, Ty.