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[NA][PVX][Casual] Nacho Business [mm]

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[NA][PVX][Casual] Nacho Business [mm]

Name: Nacho Business
Tag: mm
Region: South East-Asia (SEA)
Home World: Blackgate
Commune Software: Discord

Good day everyone. We are a rebuilding guild formed since vanilla and are returning for the new PoF expansion.
We are small in number just now, but are looking to build up a fun community to do weekly guild missions on top of regular dungeons and fractal runs.
Being an easy-going guild, we have lots of laughs from the always dying and pvp loving guild cat, and a lovely raid-loving guild bunny, to name a few of the personalities we have.

Future Guild Activities
We will be doing weekly guild missions and build a core raid group once we have sufficient members to do so.
We are also looking to do some pvp and wvw on the side.

Times of Activity
Weekday [8pm - 12 midnight]/ Weekend [5pm - 1 am] (UTC +8)

Members that we are looking for
Friendly, casual players looking to have fun playing and learning the game! While we will be most active in the SEA timezone, players from other timezones are welcome too!

Contact Information
Contact any of us in-game at any time with any questions or concerns!
Yuffie.1246 – Guild Leader
PeanutnJelly.8726 – Officer
IFreedom.4637 – Officer
Catharsis.8571 – Cat Officer


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