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[NA] Static Raid Group LF DPS for Permanent Position

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Currently only accepting Pugs with potential of Perm position in the future

Region/GM: NA - Raids
Days: Wednesday and Friday
Time: 6pm PST
Duration: 2 Hours (so total 4 hours per week)
Role: DPS (2+ classes)
Voice Comm: Discord (mic not required but preferred)
Guild: We're not attached to a particular guild so there's no requirement to join one

What We're Looking For:

We're looking for a friendly mature person who can play at least two DPS classes, who preferably has at least some experience with most of the raid bosses or learns very fast. It's okay if you have to miss a raid day here or there (we all have lives too) but we do expect you to be there reliably so we can make reasonable progress. Our group is basically 50/50 ladies/gents and we're all pretty much 21+ in age so if that's specifically the environment you're looking for all the better.

About Us:

We started our team when raids first began so some of us have been raiding with each other for a long time but some members joined more recently. We're a semi-serious group so making progress is important to us and we do remove people who consistently under-perform without noticeable improvement but we always discuss it first. That said, we've rarely had to do so and most of our roster changes have been due to burn out/life changes.

While we are semi-serious we're also not elitist. We want everyone to try their best and always work on improving themselves as a player but we understand if someone has an off day or occasionally makes a mistake and we don't mind wiping a bunch to learn a fight. Having a positive attitude towards raiding and failure is important to us. So it's fine if you're not top DPS in the world as long as it's good and you can do the mechanics and you don't rage quit after a single wipe. So if you're neither super casual nor aiming to be the best in the world you might be just right for our group.


Send me a PM or reply to this post if you're interested and we'll exchange Discord info. We'll likely take you on as a sub first to make sure we mesh well. We're always happy to have more subs regardless so even if you can't be a permanent member feel free to get in touch about subbing.

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