[US] [WvW and small group PVP] [Sanctum of Rall] Looking for a PVP guild? look no further! — Guild Wars 2 Forums

[US] [WvW and small group PVP] [Sanctum of Rall] Looking for a PVP guild? look no further!

We are The Chaotic Ragelings! in other games we are known as The Last Chaos but that name was already taken. While we aren't experienced with this game yet we are coming over from ESO so bare with us as we learn this game. Most of us have been friends for years but we are looking to expand with our new adventure into GW2! So far most of my guild members that have made the change have enjoyed it and want to stay however we are short staffed right now and would love some experienced players to show us the way! most of us have played multiple MMORPG's together and enjoy the PVP side far to much to ever leave it alone. So if you are like us and enjoy a good brawl shoot me some mail saying you are interested and I will not hesitate to pick you up! Our primary operating times are (eastern time)8PM-7:30AM we have a primary pop of off shifters and Australians so that is what is up with our hours. Keep in mind if you join within the next few days you won't see many members like I said we have only just started making the change over.


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