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Will there be an App (Phones/Tablets) for our new forums?

Apologies in advance if this is written elsewhere, I did try to search before I posted and couldn't see it discussed!

As the title says, does the implementation mean that an app could be in our future? The mobile layout looks great but it's still a pain to have to open the forums in a browser. Part of my daily routine is refreshing my Reddit app several times a day and it would be great to have easy access to this forum with reply notifications etc



  • In the prior forums, I think a few people asked about it and no responses were given from the official dev team; so it probably means that it isn't on the table as of yet or if it is, they aren't releasing any information about it.

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  • should weedle them until we get an answer -

  • I'd like an app for it. More forums are starting to opt for apps, anyway (or can at least be accessed through Tapatalk), and since the team has recently added SMS authentication, they're already starting to merge the game with mobile devices. Having an app wouldn't be too far of a stretch forward.

    Also, it would make it easy for people to check the forums while in-game. For things like events scheduled through the forum, that could be useful.

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