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Where are those cool places?

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Was wandering through the wiki and found nice-looking screenshots from places that seem to not exist in-game, firstly, that set of two:

Frankly that city/complex looks awesome, I wonder if it wasn't a render of Thaumanova (before accident) or if it is just a city. But that place is awesome for RP it is also very living, really tied to the asuran culture/architecture.

Here, the appearance for me is very close to the ratas we know, maybe first render of Rata Sum, still I love it, not really the same, the bridges everywhere are interesting and bring something to the structure. At the bottom I think I see some water canals or the structure disappearing in the depths.

For the last one, it feels like it take place further north in the wastes, frontier of maguuma jungle, it feels more like a promotional screenshot of a beta map to present the race to the players.

Through, it they were all in fact just beta screenshot maps, no chances to see them in game, through the second one could have been great for the cube near rata novus.

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    Given the source, they are pré release screenshots from 2010 (before the game launched). There is even one with a Cantha district in Divinity Reach (which as we know got replaced by normal houses for reasons). Regarding the Rata Sum like place, I indeed think its a prototype for Rata Sum but they simply changed it a bit before they launched the game. However we see a similar design in some Living World Season 4 story (Was it Rata Primus that we reached via airship?). You can see some assets of these screenshots back in game tho.

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