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Jormag or Primodis? suspicious traveler?

okay okay i know this is REALLY far fetched but hear me out, with the addition of the new suspicious traveler it got me thinking, WHAT IF this is there way of incorporating some type of "Alliance Battle" system from Gw1 my reasons for this even being thought of....
Primodis- red
Jormag- Blue
This is in the updated icon Anet came up with so im going to guess its got something to do with those two to begin with.
in Gw1 there was a red faction and blue faction being Kurzic and Luxon this is where the alliance battle, JQ, and FA all came into play

Now when you listen to what the traveler actually says he says
"You continue to live in fear. In open defiance of a greater being.
But I ask you this: why fear that which can make you stronger? Why not embrace the ultimate spirit?
Transcend your existence and forge your legend with Jormag.
It's the only way."

to me this sets up for a choice to choose to follow Jormag, im just waiting to see if there will be one for primordis.
as far as what the lore would follow through i dont really know i dont see how they could connect it with the current story BUT a man can wish, it seems like it actually could happen if you look with how they did Cantha :)


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    I'm not sure I see the purpose of it. A faction based system for what? pvp? Well that wont happen as pvp in pve is an idea people will rally against (see the general discussion forum for all the anti open world pvp threads). A new pvp mode is unlilkely either given the shortage of resources.

    As for story/lore - well they are committed to one linear path for our "Commander", rather than the branching system based on what Faction you choose. It makes it easier, more efficient and less costly to make. Primordus also doesn't really have followers. His minions are more bestial than Jormag's so it doesn't really make sense to have what would be "red followers". There doesn't seem to be much history in the idea of Elder Dragons Vs Elder Dragons either. I'm guessing given Mordremoth death cry they have an understanding of how their existence in the natural working of the World works.

    I enjoyed Alliance Battles a great deal in GW1, but they took the concept and made The Mist War/WvW instead, where your faction was the realm you represented.

    So, no I'm not seeing any way into this from this idea.

    Besides, if they were to introduce a Factions idea, the more natural lead in would be those who Follow Aurene and those who believe as a Dragon, she is inherently something too dangerous to exist. That would allow for a more nuanced story as well. It would have to play out around the Commander of course since we are her Champion and understand her role more fully.

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  • ah i see, yea this was jsut the first thing that popped into my head when i was seeing this guy, it was almost like the NPC's that would take you to a battle field for Gw1 going to one of the two factions a man can dream </3 :P

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