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Fatal Chaos Gaming Is Looking for all kinds of members!

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Fatal Chaos Gaming Is Looking for all kinds of members! Must be atleast 15+ and Mature! So dont act out.
We are a retro gaming community theme like with a cyberpunk feel and atmosphere.
We are open to all People. We are a MulitGaming Community,we have loads of games we play together as a community and We are also a internationl community! So all are welcome to join!

As A Community We strive to become the best and the most friendliest non toxic community Well try to be, Sometimes things happen and its part of life. We been around for a few months and so far we have over 200+ Members who are enjoying FCG!

Benefits Of Fatal Chaos Gaming:

We host lots of events. We also host giveaways.tournaments and are pretty chill and active.
We dont like drama,snowflakes, We always take care of the problems and are normaly great on sovlving issues!
We are a community that will be supportive of our members and not just for the count or what we want.

Despite coming from a variety of regions, backgrounds, and ages, our members treat each other with respect – no drama, flame wars, our politics that affect your ability to meet new people to game with.
We are a multi-title gaming community. We encourage all of our members from any title who are interested in being part of a gaming family to apply.

LGBT Friendly Oriented! by all staff members! All genders/identies and personality are all welcome in FCG! If there is issues with members being mean or upsetting or discomfortable let our staff members know!

We do not require you to be fully active but on your own time, if you are going to become a full member then yes try to be active for our events,sessions and tournaments if you are wantng to part take in one!

Here is our Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/DKJcqgs
And Here is our website https://fatalchaosgaming.enjin.com/

So what are you waiting for? Come and join Us!


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