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New stuff... and old stuff

Just learnt the hard way that events don't end at midnight like most online games. Now stuck with a bunch of four winds currency that I either toss, or stash away till next year. This is pretty frustrating as I did raid training, took a break, and when I came back and the event was just gone. No new build, no countdown, no nothing. If there's somewhere to better check these things it would be greatly appreciated. I noticed the event timers on the wiki also didn't stop.

On the topic of new stuff... what on earth are we supposed to do with the new item? I'm apprehensive to activate and potentially waste it. I love this game but jeez does everything have to cost gems?? Gems work out extremely expensive via conversion in my country and I can barely afford a new character slot. Also it seems like some monsters are dropping new stuff?

(PS I took a long break from GW2 hence the confusion)