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Idea: Rotating Cooldown on Ventari's Will tablet skill

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Idea: Rotating Cooldown on Ventari's Will tablet skill

Anet likes the 2 second Cooldown on Ventari's Will. I personally not a fan of it but can understand for balance reasons.

I figured we can meet in the middle on this.

What if Ventari's Will became like a rotational chain skill when it comes to its Cooldown.

It would rotate between a 2 second recharge and a 1 second recharge and then back to 2, seconds, etc.

This way we get 2 movements in 3 seconds compared to the 2 movements per 4 seconds.

This would make tablet movement more smooth without being too OP and spammy


  • Base CD on Ventari's Will is 3 seconds not 2. Also this would probably be a lot of extra coding for no reason when they could just reduce the cooldown to the mid point between the numbers you want. In your example for example could just make it "1.5 seconds" instead of 2 or 1. The effect would end up being the same as "2 in 3 seconds."

    But as mentioned since Will is 3 seconds, you'll need to reassess how much you want to reduce the CD

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