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[NA][OOPS]Unqualified Chaos - Brand new friendly guild looking for new or more experienced players.

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Hello mistake makers,

I'm not gonna lie, we are a real Unqualified Chaos. We get knocked down when encountering champions, we get revive orbs and transmutation charges from our black lions chests and we fall right at the end of a jumping puzzle. BUT HEY, we're always having fun doing so and at the end of the day, we always reach our initial goals. Also, we are all really friendly people who enjoy the company of others when we play. We are mainly interested in PvE such as fractals, dailies and achievements hunting, helping eachother out with a variety of stuff. We are currently a roster of 60 oopsies but hey, QUALITY over QUANTITY. Our days are usually built around chatting in our discord server either through Voice chat or in the various channels we have in there while also playing together in game. We're looking forward to welcome new members in our group of insanely cool people. We're planning on claiming a guild hall in the near future. Come and be part of something great :D.

October 2019 update
Since we started the guild, I can say mission accomplished so far. We are now 60 oopsies in the guild, a good mix of new and experienced players all helping eachother out. We are currently level 17 and been growing and growing every day! We do Guild Missions every week and we have a monthly contest. This month's contest is a Halloween Fashion Wars contest, which is super cool!

So if you're either really new to the game or a more experienced player with lots of knowledge, I'm pretty sure you'll find yourself at home in our guild :

  • We don't ask any rep out of you, although our guild name would look pretty cool next to your character name.
  • We have our own discord channel where you can talk and share about pretty much anything with our other guild members.
  • Unqualified Chaos is a guild for people who are really chill, open minded and respectful of others. We are LGBTQ+ friendly and wanna create a safe place for all to play and evolve into.
  • We have lots of experience with introducing and teaching new players to the game. That is how our current group of players got together.

So if you are interested in joining our Chaos, don't be shy to either whisper me or send me a quick mail at @LDGL.3498

I really hope you'll be part of the most UNQUALIFIED group ever.

Love xx




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