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[EU][PvX] I want to "git gud" and have a blast getting there! :-)

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Hey guys'n'gals!

I recently returned to GW2 to give the game another fair shot at getting me hooked. Last time I played was around HoT launch - I didn't really like my Reaper and was fairly frustrated after I have put so much work and time into that char. Before that I played the beta and was part of one of the most "renowned" German Hardcore guilds until roughly 3 months after launch until it ultimately disbanded due to different interests content-wise.

So long story short.. I really wanna learn the game. I wanna do good at PvE and PvP. I recently boosted an elementalist and I'm trying my best to learn the ropes quickly - studying builds & forums. All I really need now is a lot of friendly, mature people around me that would like to teach me a little bit... In return I can offer to be a fun, loyal & calm dude to chill out and play with. I'm 27 years old and from Germany - but english speaking guilds are very welcome to listen to my terrible accent.

I'd totally be up to hop on your discord and get to know you before any invites are handed out! :-)

Thx 4 reading and see you around!


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