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Black Screen Crash & Log-in Issues

I'm encountering an issue that started up sometime last week (3-4 days ago?) where the game abruptly brings up a black screen in the middle of playing (music and mouse cursor still active). In addition, whenever I enter character selection screen, when I select a character it will result in 0 ping and after a while will close the game back out to the log-in prompt. I am wondering if anyone else is encountering this issue recently.

As for what I have done to try to resolve the problem, I have clean installed the game again, redid & rechecked my router configuration, re-installed my graphic drivers, rolled back windows 10 update. My internet connection & graphic performance is fine for all of my other games, it is just GW2 giving me the problem.


  • Zraurum.8493Zraurum.8493 Member
    edited October 4, 2019

    The problem with the black screen on win 10 began after the last update of the game 03. 10.19. Also, after the update, I noticed that the game started having problems connecting to the login server.

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