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Scrapper Gyro-dps, thoughts?

Last week I found a guy on YouTube with a build similar to this:
His videos seemed to be pretty effective and fun so I decided to give it a chance and guy what a mele bomb is blast +shredder gryro
What do you thing about it guys?


  • Dawdler.8521Dawdler.8521 Member ✭✭✭✭

    You really have to specify the purpose, or its hard to give any opinion. PvE? Pretty much anything is "effective" outside raids. WvW? That build will get roflstomped by condi. sPvP? Presumably not.

    Dont look a gift Asura in the mouth.
    No seriously, dont. Shark teeth.

  • Yes sorry.wvw it is what for. Its purpose is to fight in a organized group such as GvG or bigger fights

  • I run a similar build whenever I'm in a WvW public (and sometimes in my guild).
    However, I run berserker stats and applied force.
    Also bloodlust, but that's a minor difference.

    Maro stats will likely not work since you basically live from your barrier.
    Adaptive Armor will apply 15% more barrier and reduce condition damage, but applied force will generate barrier faster and thus help better against damage spikes. Also, barrier is capped at 50% of your HP, so in zerg close combat the 15% will not help you much (I often get to the cap).
    Regarding condition damage: not a single cleanse. You have to rely on team/group and sustain yourself with barrier. If the squad has 1-2 heal scrappers (1 per 20) there is no problem with that, though.

    In publics I often get max-dmg in arcDPS with that build, while it offers a lot of group-superspeed, group-might (10-13 stacks), a lot of CC, and much damage pressure at from close-combat to 1500 Range.

    I tried roaming with it a few times, and even one a 1vs3 once (herald, necro, deadeye), but it relies a lot on surprise-burst and stunlock enemies. If enemies can move/evade correctly you will get trouble. Also you melt against condis on your own.

    In PvE I used it in the Crown Pavilion in the duals and world bosses.
    Worked against all duel bosses (except special) and got decent damage/sustain in bb, too.
    Also works fine in HoT/PoF maps.
    A quick check on the golem showed pretty low dmg-numbers, though, so you shouldn't use it in high fractals/Raids.

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