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[EU] Raid static looking for people

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A newly formed group is looking for chill people that are interested in raiding. We aim to create a small community of 10 - 20 people who will be focused on raiding every week. It doesn't matter to us if you are new to raiding or a veteran, as long as you know your classes, are willing to adapt and want to have some fun!
The raids would be on Saturday /Sunday starting at 7pm CEST.

We are also willing to teach people who never got into raiding before but still want to!

If you are interested in joining us leave a comment here or feel free to contact us in game / discord.



Claire Devereux#4343


  • freeman.7315freeman.7315 Member ✭✭
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    Still looking for a few more people!

  • Looking specifically for a chrono tank!

  • Hi, I am a moderately experienced Thief Loyalist looking for a new raid group since my current guild have all took a long break. I have most experience in W1-4 but know the mechanics for Wing 5 and have done Wing 6 a small amount. If you are still looking I am very eager.

    I am willing to learn new classes as well.

    Thank you

  • Recruitment is open again! Looking for 2 players with multiple classes who are interested in joining a static and are able to raid during the weekend!

  • Bump! Still looking for 2 members!

  • Returning player, started from scratch. I could join, but i'm still getting gear for raiding.

  • Hey, Im interested to join the group, never done raiding before, have several characters geared up for raiding

  • I haven't raided in quite some time, but I'd love to get back into it if you're still looking for people :) I have several classes that I play.

  • Hey guys, thank you for your interest in our group. Please message me in-game if you can and we can have a chat! Sorry for the late reply :)

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