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LF Guild [Main Chronomancer] [PvE] [PvP]

Returning to the game after a year or so hiatus. I am maining Tank Chronomancer, I have all ascended armor and currently working on getting new weapons and accessories. Really looking for a guild where I can be active and hopefully contribute in some way. Trying to catch up in PoF currently. Game name is TiredWombat.6395 Ideally I am more PvE focused but used to play a lot of PvP just not too into the meta currently.


  • Bump :D Still Looking

  • Hey! Still looking? If so, are you NA or EU?
    The guild I'm in is on NA and we are always looking for more friends :) We mostly focus on PvE, but we like to do WvW some too.
    We have a good mix of returning players and long-time vets, hold guild events on friday and saturday nights (10:30, 10PM EST), and just generally focus on having fun and enjoying the game together. We use discord, don't require rep, and don't kick for inactivity. If interested, I can provide some more specifics or reach out in-game :)

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