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[WotS] is looking for people! (PvX)

Whispers of the Sand [WotS] is looking for members!
[WotS] is a new guild and stands just right at the beginning of becoming a guild! If you want to help building a new guild you've found the right one. Later on we want to do fractals, stories, PvP, WvW and maybe raids! And of course weekly guild missions! If you don't want to do alls of these - it's okay, as long as you are comfortable playing along with other players on a regular basis!
We don't have any expectations. You don't need a special kind of gear or something similiar, the only thing we only expect, that you are friendly.
If you are a beginner and new to the game, we are gladlhere to help you with the first steps.

How can I enter the guild?
Just write me an InGame-Message (max.8564/Finaririn) or answer to this thread!

Which requirements do i have to reach?
None! Just be frindly and act mature. It doesn't matter if you are new to the game or a well experienced veteran!

Where do you want to go with this guild?
I want to build this guild to be a big group of people who can rely on each other if they need help with content or just want to play together. I also want to help beginners in the game since it can be very confusing if you are new to the game.

Which is you home server?
My home server is Dzagonur. It doesn't matter much anymore but it does matter for WvW-related stuff.

Thanks for your attention and of you want to join just let me know, i won't bite ;)

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