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Weird playing Asura

Hi, most my characters are either Human or Sylvari.
A friend of mine has all Asura characters and has been tell me for ages to try one.
Last week, i decided to try it.
Firstly it seemed to me like they were kinda moving fast, like compared to Norn.
But then when i got into combat, i have this weird feeling like i need to be closer to enemy to land hits and felt also like my dodge away from enemy felt too close as well.
I don't know its a weird feeling and i sometimes mistakenly dodged twice cos i thought i was too close.
Anyone else had this weird feeling when going or trying to a different race?


  • No matter what race you choose, your character's speed, range and hitbox are always the same like others. There are no profits from playing races.
    I always have this weird feel that charr is slower than human or sylvari, and getting swiftness on asura feels like superspeed.

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    1.8k hours playing and just now I did my first Asura. I am loving. I am considering delete all may alts to have my own Asura army. Not at once, of course, but still, even losing birthday gifts and open maps + professions.

    I love their animation, I love that feeling about they being faster (even knowing is not really) and I love how arrogant/ironic/sarcastic they are (funniest personal story so far). And since they don't follow the common human-link format, any skin works great on them.

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    I have characters of all 5 races, and switch between them frequently so it doesn't seem as weird to me, but I do know what you mean. Oddly I often find myself falling short when jumping as an asura because the animation makes them look like they're really throwing themselves into it so I expect them to go further than other races, even though I know it's actually the same for all of them.

    I think it definitely gets less weird with time and practice however, so I think if you keep playing you'll get used to it. :)

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    It may feel weird and you may believe there's a difference but once you understand the asura overall you'll know that it's not so different when it comes to hitting targets, movement and other things. The asura may look like they jump higher but the jump height is the same; they may look like they run faster (it's their short stature!) but they move the same speed as everyone else. You only feel like you move faster because you're closer to the ground.

    Once you get past the nuances and the initial feel you'll get to like them. But playing a race is your choice. If an asura is not for you, then stick with what you like!

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  • asura's small frame makes them the best for jumping puzzles. they don't obstruct the view, and easier to aim their small feet when jumping.

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    @Shena Fu.5792 said:
    asura's small frame makes them the best for jumping puzzles. they don't obstruct the view, and easier to aim their small feet when jumping.

    plenty of tonics to accomplish the same thing

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    There's a setting that switches the camera position between a fixed one and one adjusted to your character's height. If you have that setting checked, your viewpoint when playing the asura is considerably lower than on characters of other races, which will enhance the optical illusion of distance and speed. Try to uncheck the setting and see which way of playing/camera position you prefer.

    Personally, I love playing asura, and have plenty of them, but I always play with a fixed camera position unless I want to take screenshots (as the fixed camera is high enough to cut off an asura's feet most of the time ;) ). The "closer to the ground" camera when adjusted to character height makes it more difficulty for me to keep a good overview of the world around me as well as makes it easier to set off motion sickness.

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