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[NA] Trolling in the derpPvE Raids!

Panic.6498Panic.6498 Member
edited August 31, 2019 in Looking For Guild

(NA) Hello! If anyone is looking for a guild, then check us out! Trolling in thederp] is an active and friendly guild and we welcome all players. We have events available almost every day with a new fun schedule every week. We do lots of different PvE content like raids, fractals, metas, bounty trains and more! We also offer Raid Training once or twice a week and we have a totally awesome discord!
There is no rep req but we appreciate when you show us love!
This a place where everyone can be themselves, have fun and learn and grow together! If you are looking for an ACTIVE guild that actually does things, then this is the place for YOU! Message me at Panic.6498 for an invite! Or drop your account name below!


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