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[DRFT]'s third Grand Prix will be starting soon! All beetle racers welcome! (NA)

Hello all! Tyria Drift [DRFT] is a NA beetle racing guild that creates and races custom beetle tracks all around Tyria. In less than a week, on Friday, September 6th at server reset (8 PM EST), we will be holding our third Grand Prix, open to anyone who would like to participate! There will be 600g total being given out for those who place in the top 3 of each race, and a bit of gold just for participating and racing some tracks!

There will be five custom tracks all around Core Tyria, racing them 3 laps each, in sets of 3. We use the marker system of Arrow-Circle-Heart-Square-Star-Spiral-Triangle-X to follow the trail. They are all of easy-to-moderate difficulty, so beetlers of any skill can give it a go!

Track 1: The Frozen Plains - Snowden Drifts
Track 2: Shadow Swamp Sprint - Queensdale
Track 3: Thaumanova Drifts - Metrica Province
Track 4: Modniir Madness- Harathi Hinterlands
Track 5: Wychmire Jungle Jam-Caledon Forest

On to the prizes! Per race, 1st place will get 25g, 2nd will get 10g, and 3rd place will get 5. There will also be bonus prizes for those who place top three overall, based on points from winning! These prizes:

First place: Choice of Endless Ocean weapon skin + Shadow Abyss dye!
Second place: Fused Scepter skin + Destroyer Orange dye!
Third place: 150 ectos!

In addition, all participants will earn 1g for each track they complete (set of 3 races). All prizes will be mailed at the end of the event, and we will be keeping track even if you leave early!

We will be holding two practice sessions for the tracks this Tuesday and Thursday at reset time. If you would like an invite to the guild please comment here, or ingame pm/mail me (Whatsinaname.8257) or the race lead (ninjaar.9087). We also have TacO overlays of all of these tracks (and many others!) on our discord, if you are interested in having them to help practice.

On Friday, keep an eye out for the squad on the Central Tyria- Squads lfg, led by Miss Mesmerizer! Hope to see you there!