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Access Keys for 2nd parties

Can I as a GW2 user buy in the Gem store an access key for a friend of mine for Classic Guild Wars 2? She and I will under no circumstances share this key with anyone else. She'll be getting the Free version and I wanted to buy her an access key as a present. Is this doable?


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    There is no item in the gem store to buy someone else a paid account. You can also not share accounts, but I'm not sure if that is what you mean anyway. While you may be able to still find paid core accounts (if that is what you mean by Classic GW2) from some vendors, Anet does not sell them directly anymore. Your friend is better off starting a free account as you stated and then if you want to gift her you are better off buying her PoF as it now includes the full core game and HoT as well. You can buy the PoF code from the Anet website store or other authorized seller and send her the unused code to upgrade her account.

  • Thanks for the info!

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