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What counters Holo?



  • I don't know guys. An engi of equal skill level is still stronger then any of build in the game imo. Maybe condi has a better chance, making the match closer to even, but I actually believe there is no hard counter to holo right now. It simply is the best and most likely can't be beat if both players are of equal skill. I mean, it can practically stay unhittable in between its short cd full life heal. How the hell are you suppose to deal with that while taking near 10k laser blasts and tons of other free dps? Its definitely possible, but to talk as if it swings in ones favor more often then not is misleading imo.

  • condi thief usually makes short work of a holo

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    @Psycoprophet.8107 said:
    Staying away from them helps lol. The spec is incredibly broken and requires I'd argue the least amount of skill to play in the game, makes garbage player feel like gods so its popular lmao. Than again that's gw2 in a nutshell.

    At least compared to some other classes the base mechanic of Holo is great, fun and could have a high skill ceiling. I enjoy playing Holo a lot, even though atm it is more because of the easy life you have than because of the interesting mechanic. It is too broken in both, dmg and sustain/restustain to have the high skill ceiling it could have. The answer is: Good balance counters Holo and some other builds need nerfs themself

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