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Chill guild: Wonderland Tea Party!

Who we are?

We are a very old and small guild. We are but a few friends who loved this game since the beginning.
We are on the EU server. The core timezone of our guild is GMT+1, but we gladly accept anyone.

What’s our goal?

To have fun together. There’s really no better goal than a kind community.
The guild has no focus (like raids or crafting etc...) we do pretty much what we feel like doing. This does not mean that we don't go fractals sometimes, just it means it's nothing compulsory.

What are the requirements?

None at all. Well... be nice if possible.

Who’s this guild for?

Those who are looking for a guild with no specific focus, but to play the game freely without expectations. Those who value friendships above all. Who wants to have fun or go fractals or LW together sometimes.

How can I join?

Simple. Send an email to me (GILGAMESH.2304) in-game.
Or join the discord and ask any member to invite you.

Do we have a discord server?

Sure we have:

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