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[NA] [THIC] Misthiccs [PvX] [Darkhaven] is looking for new recruits!

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Hello and Welcome to Misthiccs!

We are a new guild, which started about a month ago. We are founded by a group of friends who wants to make a community that's called home. Misthiccs is a laid back PvX guild with people who likes pizza and cookies. Our active hours start around 7pm EST. Rep is also not required. We prefer 18+ in our guild, due to the fact we use a lot of adult jokes. However, if you're younger and are able to handle adult jokes, feel free to join. Other than that, we love helping new players, vets, and returning players for that matter. We have around 65 members and a level 13 Windswept Haven guild hall so it's been a working progress but we're getting there!

What we offer and plan for the future?

Since we are still small, we've been doing guild missions together around Tuesday 9pm EST and Friday 6pm EST. We just started having organized fractals on Monday and Friday at 8:30pm EST! It can be any tier, depending on who shows up and what the majority's tier fractal is. Beginners are also welcome to join! We finally have official raids at Saturday and Sunday 8:30pm EST, both experienced and new players are free to join! We will be touching W1 and W4, once we feel comfortable we will schedule more Wings to learn. For PvP and WvW, we are currently in the Darkhaven server. A lot of us like touching on fractals and raids, but some of us are learning PvP and WvW the best they can. Recently we got both our pvp arena and war room in the guild hall, but we're still a working progress! Another new event we have is fashion competitions! The first Wednesday of every month, we will be hosting fashion competitions and whoever wins first gets 50 gold, second gets 25 gold, and third gets 10 gold!

If you're interested, we also have a discord!


Other than that, you can pm/mail us through the following:



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