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[NA] [THIC] Misthiccs [PvX] is looking for new recruits!

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Welcome to Misthiccs

We are founded by a group of friends who wants to make a community that's called home. Misthiccs is a laid back PvX guild with people who likes pizza and cookies.

Our active hours start around 7 pm EST and event time are usually after reset. Rep is also not required. We prefer 18+ in our guild, due to the fact we use a lot of adult jokes. Other than that, we love helping new players, vets, and returning players!

Our schedule for organized guild events are below.


  • Fractal Training - Monday at 8:30p Eastern. No exp required.

  • Fractal CM training - Wed at 7:00p Eastern. 150 AR, 99/100 T4 exp required.


  • Raid training - Saturday at 8:00p Eastern. No exp required, we ask for a "Meta build" food and utilities.

  • PoF Raid Training - Tuesday at 10:00p Eastern. We will need a meta build, overall general class knowledge along with some raid experience. Multi-class is a plus.

  • Raid Static #1 - Sunday at 8:00p Eastern.

  • Raid Static #2 - Saturday at 10:15p eastern.

Misc events

  • Guild missions - Tuesday at 9:00p Eastern.

  • Dungeons - Friday at 9:00p Eastern.

Interested? join our discord https://discord.gg/GcRnYPe

Other than that, you can pm/mail us through the following: