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Engineer Brinna Stonemason missing?

She's a merchant who sells a Pyre Fierceshot Arrowhead. She's always been outside Exterminator HQ, but she's not there now. I always get an arrowhead on my Charr characters (along with a Crush Warband Honorary Patch =) ), and went to get one tonight for my newest Charr, but she wasn't there.

Does she possibly appear elsewhere? I've only ever seen her there, and wiki says she's found in Charr's Triumph, but I didn't see her anywhere. She doesn't seem to be tied to any of the events that go on in Charr's Triumph, either. Maybe it was just coincidence that she was there when I found her before, and something else has to happen for her to appear, but I don't know what.

Obviously, this isn't game-breaking or anything, but I would like to buy an arrowhead from her.


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