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How to rework Sand Savant (Scourge big shades). Idea.

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Hello everyone! I have an interesting idea how they could rework the scourge big shades trait without completely removing it or scourge from the game.


You can summon only one shade at a time, but this greater shade has a modified recharge. You affect more targets and influence a larger area with Shade skills.
A greater shade counts as three shades for related traits.
Increased Targets: 2
Recharge Increased: 100%
Radius Increase: 120

What I suggest

Every 3rd shade you place is a greater shade. Greater shade and you affect more targets and influence a larger area with Shade skills. Larger area will always affect around the scourge.
Increased Targets: 2
Recharge Increased: 33%
Radius Increase: 120

This means scourge would gain:
1. 10 second off shade cooldown (down from 30s to 20s)
2. ability to place 2 small shades in addition to big one (Hitting up to 16 targets instead of 10 but you have to use all your shades)
1. There will be at least 20 seconds between big shades so enemies can play around it
2. Having to coordinate with other allies regarding big shades
3. Twice as long average large shade cooldown (up from 30s to 60s)

They also have all the necessary animations and mechanics so it isn't extra work.

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    :/ my weakest toon asking to be nerfed. is scourge really that op? makes me regret starting the fb scourge thread at pof.

    everyone can do this. run all firebrands.

    have staff mace shield. mace 2 together on an enemy, staff 2 or 3 together at an enemy, you will achieve the same, and whats worse, you cant be killed.

    the same on all revs running healing. the same with all eles even warriors.

    point being, simply, if a group of people knows how to bomb as one, you get out of the way, lay a trap, or bomb them first.


    there is no counter to a good groups omni bomb.

    it can be any sort of toon as long as you 1 2 3 bomb. the result will be kills.

    you can also do the same with 1 2 3 heal blast.

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    I doesn't resolve any issue.

    The problem of the shade and sand savant is that they increase area denial by a high damage and condi pressure threat. By themselve, if you read their description, shade skills aren't threatening and don't warrant any nerf. However, those tooltip don't list the effects they gain from procing manifest sand shade and it's those effect that make the shade skills threatening.

    ANet should just remove the manifest sand shade once and for all. Nothing in the shades design justify how polyvalent those skills are.

    Yes, the shrouds are polyvalents but the shrouds also possess 4 disadvantages that shades don't: they lock you out of utility, change you weapon skillset, most skills have cast time and you can't be healed while in shroud.

    The shades skills are free of disadvantage, they don't need to be polyvalent.

    The scourge is designed to be a support with large coverage, let's just get rid of the excess of aoe damage that it carry on the shade skills and WvW zergs will suddenly need to reduce the number of scourge in order to have enough damage and control output. Sand savant isn't wrong as a trait, Scourge was designed to cover a large area and the trait perfectly support this idea. The proc of manifest sand shade however go against the idea of a support and overload the skills with heavy damage making the scourge an all rounder that make difficult to take any other profession over it.

    Avoiding the real issue by nerfing vaguely related traits and skills won't resolve the issue. ANet need to strike at the core of the problem, otherwise the problem will stay, maybe weakened like it is already after all the nerfs that have been done (dhuumfire, path of corruption, shade's effects "delay"... etc.), but it will stay and ANet will feel forced to continue to nerf again and again the sand shade skills and traits without touching at the core of the issue.

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    well barrier is a wow thing. :/ hehe

    Not Even Coverage is the Only broken thing in WVW.

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