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Site Timer event ?

Hello who knows a site like =>

with the current meta of 2019 all with voice or sound notification


  • That site shows all events that have timers returned by Anet's services. Many metas are dynamic and require players to complete specific milestones and those are specific to each map instance. And for those, the event timer can't be predicted and won't be shown on the site.

    For example, Battle of Dragonfall requires everyone on the map to upgrade each camp to tier 4 then do 1 or 2 other events before you fight Kralk. You can be almost ready to fight Kralk on your map, but then decide to join a group and get moved to another instance of Dragonfall and find out that they're so far ahead they've beaten Kralk and the other bosses and are seconds away from the reset.

    If you want an in game notice they're are a number of items like this one:

    Also GW2 Taco overlay program can show events

  • it's not really the answer I've been looking for! I am looking for a copy of

    with events updated with the events reported,
    [Maws of Torment, Junundu Rising, Forged with Fire, Serpents' Ire, Destroy the Death-Branded Shatterer, Thunderhead Keep, The Oil Floes]...

    with sound notification as the site posted above.

    Regarding Dragonfall Meta it does not exist because it looks like Silverwastes.

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