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An introduction, ActuallyFlavored [CONTEST]

Hey guys! I wanted to introduce myself. In no way do I mean to make this a promotion video but I have been playing Guild Wars for a while now and have been streaming it on twitch. I noticed how ever not much of our community is involved with the twitch community! I wanted to share myself with you guys in an effort to bring more players to watch live streamers play GW2, which in turn helps build the GW2 community.

My name is Tucker. Born in the USA and living out of Boston I have been gaming and playing Guild Wars many years now. Addicted to my PC I enjoy music of all types, space, and the idea that we are all created to fulfill our own purpose in life. I have many characters but right now I am playing a Warhorn Necro and I love it.

I have a challenge for our community. If we can get 50 followers to the ActuallyFlavored twitch community, I will post a video doing whatever challenge you guys challenge me to! Be sure to follow the twitter handle [@actuallyflavor1] as well for more information regarding this challenge and come hang out, and chat it up with our streamers. [] We would love to have your support!

Thank you guys for taking your time to read. We love each and every one of you and hope to continue watching the game unfold alongside you.

Yours Truly