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Game Key/Serial Number Retrieval?

hello Anet and the forums,

Recently a friend of mine has decided to get back into GW2 but accidentally deleted her game key email when she was clearing out her inbox. Also out of trash too. Hindsight, should have put it in another folder before doing so or saved it properly. Is there any way for the GM's to find her serial number and give it to her in a ticket or something? Or is it just gone forever?

Thank you!


  • Rukario.1695Rukario.1695 Member ✭✭✭

    One would have to send a ticket first before they could get a reply.

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  • @Rukario.1695 said:
    One would have to send a ticket first before they could get a reply.

    Yeah, of course. She's already sent in a ticket about it 4 days ago but no response as of yet. I was curious if anyone on the forums had a similar situation or experience that could share their own insight on it.

  • Last time the CS responded, it was to say they don't give out that information.

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