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Guild Wars 2 Seasons of Equity - International Pack

Greatings, lovely Community!

Order of the Equity[EQ] is a Guild Wars 2 italian Guild that LOVES organizing cool and funny events with GW2 Community, to share our favourite game with any Player willing to have lot of fun together.
To this end, we’d like to share with you our latest project: Seasons of Equity !

Here’s some general info about it.

Guild Wars 2 - Seasons of Equity

General info / rules

  • Themed Seasons: each Season will have its specific theme, organization and structure
  • Seasons last 2 weeks each
  • Events Time: UTC
  • It’s not an Equity Guild-restricted Event, anyone can join !
  • Respect each other
  • No “salt”
  • Have fun!

IGN: Birdack.6714
Discord: Virgil#9464
Twitter: @VirgilGamingEQ

Seasons of Equity

1) Season of the Dragon - Theme: Meta Events

Main Content: World Bosses, Meta Events
Special Event: Dragonfall

2 ) Season of the Dwarf - Theme: Dungeons

Main Content: Weekly Dungeon Frequenter Achievement
Dungeon Master Achievement
Special Events: Twilight Arbor Aetherblade Path, Arah

3) Season of the Hunt - _ UNDER CONSTRUCTION_

...and more to come!

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