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[EU]PDPS looking for Fractal group

kappa.9712kappa.9712 Member
edited September 7, 2019 in Looking for Group

I am Reaper main, I own fully ascended gear and excellent understanding of my class, however due to extremely hazardous nature of LFG, I struggle with finding CM groups (most require 200kp+) . I already finished T4 daily runs easily over 50 times. I consider myself strong player who is very quick to learn and avoid mistakes, as well as provide competitive DPS. I am looking for group dedicated to Fractal Runs (dalies, recs, cms) that has good understanding of content, can fluently complete tasks and die rarely. On the other side I'm not interested in excessive min-maxing and speedruns. Discord strongly preferred.
I'll also add that due to problems with finding group, my knowledge of CM runs is limited. I did play some 99cm, however many people ragequit or fail to do their mechanics, so it's hard to get used well to the challenge.