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Warrior bleed build feedback

Was just messing around with gw2skills.net and came up with this build. Was wondering if anyone could give me some feedback on this build. I thought berserker would be a good compliment for the condition damage increase during berserk mode. I don't have all the top tier gear in the build editor, but It's a goal to work toward anyway. Swords for bleed, greatsword as alternate weapon for the vulnerability condition. Precision is pretty good, so I have the crit sigils to gain might, further increasing condition damage.


  • Where do you intend to use that build?

    • open world
    • dungeongs & fractals
    • raids
    • sPvP
    • WvW

    One thing will NOT work in any build with any class: 2x Superior Sigils of Strength. One will trigger on critical hits and the second will just be there doing nothing. It does not work like that. Equipping two identical sigils on the same weapon-set to double the effect is disabled in this game.

    If you plan to play solo, you have very little sources of Swiftness. If you want the +7 % damage boost from Warrior's Sprint, you will have max. 10 seconds Swiftness if you launch both banners and then you wait for at least 80 seconds. Even for a burst-damage setup, that is too long waiting time.

    Using Greatsword in a Condition build looks to me like you do not trust your own idea.

    A few basic things about conditions:

    • Conditions deal more damage the more stacks you can load onto an enemy. So the goal is to load more stacks, while the old ones are still going on. That is why people who play condition-builds also focus on Expertise/Condition Duration stats. The more HP your opponent has, the better this strategy will work.
    • Condition damage is usually weaker against trash mobs, no matter how much you put into the Condition Damage stat. That is why many open world builds just focus on power.
    • Of all conditions you can pick to deal damage, Bleeding is the weakest and Burning probably the best. There is a TABLE in the wiki that shows the situation best. Just look on the Base Damage at Level 80 and Damage from +100 Condition Damage. On maxed out Condition Damage stats, 1 stack of burning equals 3-4 stacks of bleeding.

    I'm not good enough with Warrior to give further info. Could someone move the thread into the Warrior sub-forum?

    Note: Those shiny infusions look really awesome. The problem is, you do not have them when you test a build. It looks great on the stats, but the values are wrong. It takes ages to create just one of those infusions, let alone 20 of them. Metabattle does this trick as well, but it does not help in any way. We always have to grab a calculator and substract the stats of the infusions or edit the build to get more serious values. In the worst case, this can be 100 stat points.

  • Nice, thanks for the feedback. I'm currently using a burn condition firebrand build, but was wanting to play a warrior as well. I like the moveset for swords, so I wanted to maximize on those. Too bad that bleed sucks as a condition.

  • Oh, and I wanted to just use it in open world for now. Maybe some dungeons later, but I might change my mind on that lol.

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    I think you would be better off with longbow, sword torch. GS without ferocity really seems unremarkable to me.
    I also usually prefer viper over sinister but it is not necessary. Food can make up for condition duration.
    Probably drop banner of disc for berserkers stance....resistance plus adrenaline gain really helps getting into or maximizing berserker mode bursts.

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