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After LVL 80 with expansions

So, I just turned 80 and what should i do now? I tried dungeons and fractals , but i can't..


  • Play the expansions? Get glider, mounts and the masteries for them?

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    @Djaziado.3861 said:
    So, I just turned 80 and what should i do now?

    Play the story, in chronological order, I'd say.

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    Why cant you play dungeons and fractals?
    Both are core content

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    Get Lvl 80 exotic equipment (e.g. from the TP) according to the way you like to play.

    Enable masteries by starting PoF or hot story.

    Get pact mastery (auto-loot) while completing Tyria map discovery.

    Start with Ascended Jewelery (e.g. Amulett for Laurels, rings from fractals, backpack from LS, accessories from guild mission or LS)

    Learn crafting to 500.

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    What do you want to do? What kind of content appeals to you?

    One of the nice things about GW2 is that once you reach level 80 there's very little you have to do, but lots of options. It can be a bit daunting at first because it means that unlike many other games there is no set path to follow, but it means you get to focus on what you enjoy doing instead of having to complete parts of the game you have no interest in just to access the things you do want to play.

    If you haven't already done it I recommend getting a full set of exotic equipment with good stats for your build. You can buy exotics from the Trading Post with gold, from merchants in Orr with karma, craft it yourself or get it from a number of other places. (The Wiki can help you find all the options.) If you've got enough laurels it's worth getting ascended trinkets instead of exotics, but I wouldn't worry about getting a full set of ascended equipment yet unless you really want to do raids.

    After that if you know what parts of the game you like most then focus on playing those. If you're not sure then try a bit of everything and see what you enjoy doing.

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