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PLease delete discusssion

Umbralpixel.9305Umbralpixel.9305 Member ✭✭
edited September 8, 2019 in Elementalist

To compete with other classes while keeping lore maybe core elementalist could have not only sunspot but a more frequent application of auras and various buff from other attunemnt, while tempest could apply boons not previously known to elementalist like quickness and resitance all within the elite so it doens'nt ,make weaver broken of course there should be trade offs.

Maybe elementalist could have a trait which applies more aura in which it make weapon aura ammo.

****Also maybe elementalist should have a trait like freshair but for all attunement of course their should be a cool down and trade off** oh and weaver an tempest mechanic removes this trait so they don't become broken.

With this multi element fresh aire elementalist can be more reliable in burn application or a great condi applicator (sunpot) they have more heals with heal ripple, therefore can sustain a fight, and maybe even 1v2 fights.

with earth maybbe a constant application protection would make it wonderful and this is just for core elementalist and maybe lock traits range or meelee
maybe even boosting damage when fire, reducing condi damage when water and reducing damage when maganetic aura, and of course weaver and tempst mehcanic replaces core elementalist aura mechanic so weaver and tempest aren't made broken not that it would

and maybe every aura except shock aura could be applied to core elementalist every attunement but a trade off would be maybe squishier with fire, less damage when magnetic aura, and maybe slower in water, and more susceptible to condi to make it intersting.y

But trade offs are likely not necessary.

As for tempest maybe boost magnetic aura to give two stack to three stacks of stability, and frost aura two seconds of resistance, shock aura quickness, fire aura or shield, retaliation, this way firebrand doesn't need to be nerf to ground and there could be more option for team fights as seeing one firebrand as team support can make pvp not as eye candy but fun nonetheless.

Also great job with lore of the class of interpreted lore and sorry if ignorant and arrogant. Just want to have fun with more than weaver.

It should be noted that elementalist would be an aura master, while tempest would aura overload not only attunemnt but auras to make it more practical competitor with firebrand


  • Umbralpixel.9305Umbralpixel.9305 Member ✭✭
    edited September 8, 2019

    Also more than auras would need to be done to make elementalist a viable option and I'm just hoping for a tempest boost. Problem with core is that elementalist is some godly player's hands can get top damage but, a guardian who maybe does 75% of core elementalist maximum damage contributes more with boon vomit, and area denial, and of course decent dps.

    Whereas an elementalist they can heal (no damage) but fb can do it to while reviving the dead elementalist who was pew pew by a soulbeast and deadeye

  • Also tempst would add boons to allies but not it self so no immortal tempst and there can be cool downs

  • Umbralpixel.9305Umbralpixel.9305 Member ✭✭
    edited September 8, 2019

    also for a better tempest boost maybe a decrease for utility skills significantly and a trait which activates aura without full overload while not to long of a cool down of the attunement

    with more aura application tempest tempest would become aw more worthy support and as sad to say, in pvp where everyone is moving, many player miss heals or it's immediately burst down to invalidating heal tempest whereas with various aura boons, who knows if it could be a game changer, and also maybe tempest could have more one aura base traits which specialize in one and the traits boost each aura instead of one boost all if you're worried about an overtuned tempest hehehe pun.

    an example a tempest could be heal and team condi support in which it's overtuned frost aura reduces condi damage and duration, or magnetic aura trait tempest trait which focuses more on team support against heavy projectiles.

    Of course there should be draw backs like increaseD condi damage to your self, and 10% percent more damage from long range attacks while drawing in or basically taunting.

    for more strategy and of course tempest should have dodges ready or your insta dead, but your necro won't be and there will be a furiuous soulbeast deadeye cursing in stealth

  • Jski.6180Jski.6180 Member ✭✭✭✭

    4 sec cast time is already too much for just an aura.

    For sure core ele needs more things to do with aura but anet stopped that mid way and only let fire line transmutation interaction. That what core should be for not getting more aura but making better use of auras. Its fine for tempest to have more aura out put then core as the tempest class pays a lot for it.

    See ELE forms and you will get my views.

  • Thank you and sorry for being ignorant

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