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Well, I just finished leveling my mesmer so far I'm gearing it and having a lot of fun with Sw/Sw - Sw/P Mirage ( I know it's not exactly meta but I'm having fun) and now I want to start leveling a new character while I do stuff with my mesmer. I was considering either a ranger, a guardian or an engineer. What are the pros and cons of each class and are they viable in PVE/PVP WvW/Raids?


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    Ranger: It's more of a support in PvE although it got nerfed. It can play as a DPS too. Both are viable with the support option having the upper hand in raids while the DPS in fractals.

    PvP/WvW: It's viable, but it got nerfed a bit, which made the class harder to play. It's a roamer class in WvW, as vs good zergs you will kill yourself from Retaliation or the enemy would reflect your projectiles easily (a single Tempest can shut you down completely).

    Guardian: It can play as a full support, hybrid support, pDPS or cDPS, and all of these options are meta picks for the encounters they are made for.

    PvP/WvW: In PvP, it's mainly played as a support, but there are bursty DH's and burn core players. In WvW, not a single squad can let go of Firebrands; the amount of Aegis and Stability they offer is great + they are of the first to impact. It can also be played as a Power or Condition roamer with great sustain, however, against good players it falls a bit.

    Engineer: I don't think I have seen Holos in fractals. In raids, they are a viable pick... just not meta, so you shouldn't face issues picking it.

    PvP/WvW: In PvP it is played as a bursty Holo, which is a bit hard to manage at the start, but it's a good pick. You can also play it as a hybrid support and it can hold it's own vs non-power-bursty classes. In WvW, even though Antitoxin runes are getting nerfed, Scrapper is still a great pick for cleansing conditions for the entire squad; it not only cleanses them, but also converts them to boons + good heals. As a roamer, Holosmith is really strong, stronger than its PvP counterpart; it has a category of its own in WvW. Scrapper is not as good at roaming, but I have seen some that can take down unaware players or those with low cleanses/heals.

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