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Can I develop add-ons for translation?

I want to create an addon that translates and shows the story of the game.
I want the ability to show text from story screens in subtitles the same way as subtitles and wonder if it's possible to create it.
I recently found out that there is a system called "git" and I would like to develop an addon using it if it is possible to create subtitles.
I don't have any basic knowledge of how to create an add-on yet, so I would like to ask you how to develop it.
Please reply T ^ T


  • There is no way official / supported way to create addons of this game. The best you can do is to create a program that overlays certain things with the game (which should work fairly well for translations / subtitles). Be aware of the rules for thrid party tools though.

    If you don't have actual programming experience I'd recommend you to start with something that already is able to overlays in GW2 and expand on that. As far as I know TaCo allows users to add custom markers, which should be much easier than starting from scratch. Taco should have the additional advantage that it can already access the GW2 API (which is not for writing addons, but for retrieving information from the game), which you'll need to figure which subtitles/translations you need to show on the screen at any given moment.

    Git is just a version control system, which is often used in programming/coding/development but is in no way specific to GW2 or addons.

  • But Anet, how about to make such api? It's something like external lua(or any other lightweight engine) script with function that handling text, like "GetTranslate(module_id, string_id)" that will somehow handle it - load another lua script and call another handle functions. If result is null - no translation available.
    And may be some function for codepage/font choosing.
    And also tool for dumping strings id's for selected module. Module id can be something to hard to bruteforce, like hash/guid, to prevent early datamining.

    I think it's not to hard because game engine already has functionality to switch language "on the fly" when you press "Language Quick Toggle" key and it's not really hard to program because you do not need to worry about data format of translation.

  • Thank you for answer.
    I've been looking for new information in the meantime and I'm wondering if translations using overlays like arcdps can be developed.
    I recently noticed that all conversations on npc are displayed in the chat window during my living story.
    Can you create a feature like this that will display npc conversations in the chat window as translated content on the overlaid screen?
    I still don't know how to get started with addon development.