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Capture Point Adjustment

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player kills lord, stands on area, capture ticks until taken.

alternate option

capture siege. craft it. keep it as a toy/weapon.

this must be carried by the person who goes into the capture point and press use. it takes 20s or more to tick but stops if enemy cc's you. so your team must fight and defend you while you use the capture siege on the structure.


battle for sm. all groups gather supplies, i.e. 50 to 100 for crafting this.
1 person mans it. carries it like a toy weapon or utility backpack on sentries.

everyone protects this person. probably a full nomad melandru energy etc. said person can be the lead verifier, to capture said sm

as normal, fight other teams, use siege. other team does the same, tries to kill your verifier and you theirs.

upon standing on the capture point, you plant or build something which can be ccd so you have to do it again, your team must ensure no one ccs you.

verifier has a bar like a dragon flag/turtle/centaur. so they need to cc you hard to stop.

also, as bonus verifier has auto 33% run, damage reduction etc. and other bonuses.

would be fun.

and once the sm is captured, all enemies automatically ko in it and are forced to expell and return to spawn.

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