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Raid heal condi... Core? Or scrapper?

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That's pretty much it. We rotate in and out of morter, and elixer gun, blasting water fields, while keeping up tons of boons, and when things get thick, we can break out the medkit.



  • BrokenGlass.9356BrokenGlass.9356 Member ✭✭✭
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    Some notes here, as I wrote the OP late after a whole day of marathon gaming.

    First, I started gearing my scrapper up after testing Grieving Holosmith. Which was... Very very cool. And not very good. So, after realizing I had condi and power dps in the bag with my other more fun to play toons... (condi weaver, condi Rev, and berserker's berserker.) but I couldn't just table the engineer project. I love my engi, as she was made to look like my now wife, way back when we were just dating. So... I went looking for engi builds that could heal.

    To my surprise (I'm not into WvW) there's an epic zerg healer scrapper. So, I wondered "a zerg is a really big pug raid, against harder enemies... Is that raid viable?"

    So I went looking and found this:

    Did some more looking and found this:

    So I stat swapped my armor, and dug some celestial trinkets out of the bank. (before grabbing the mist accessories off my other dude to reset into proper stats later) and other than off stat trinkets, I was on point with I went out and tried to play it in open world. Some meta events. And a fractal. And oh, my, gawd... The absolute tide of Neverending green numbers and boons is awesome.

    But here's the issue: says, harrier gear. And my Arc Dps says that even wearing harrier, most of my damage comes from poison, then confusion, then bleeds. So I went on a quest to find the proper gear for this, so it still heals enough, and so it also isn't a complete horror show to play solo. (you know, norn starting story quest mobs shouldn't be hard to kill. Even for a healer.) so, I plugged away, and came back with the idea that a few pieces of apothecary is fine. Why? Because dps firebrand has toughness in its trait line, and so all raid tanks are over 1250 toughness minimum. So, there's a line where apothecary gear is good. Because it won't interrupt your tank, while bringing up healing power by a lot, without hurting condition damage by too much.

    I ended up with apothecary weapons, and legs. (1247 toughness, right under the bar.) seraph armor (the precision does two things for us. Makes our sad direct damage more likely to crit, in order to return decent barrier. And also keeps Sigil of Water triggering on CD. (which allows your pistol and kits to heal at range.) Then we take Plaguedoctor trinkets because, our gyro shares damage from the raid with us. So extra vitality will help to extent the time you can stay up under heavy pressure. (an argument could be made here for full Plaguedoctor, or full Seraphs.) With 'runes of the water' our Boon duration is 75% (enough for 100% uptime on bassicly every Boon you can put out, assuming you have alacrity.) and we cleanse another condition on heal skill. (F1, which when tratited now cures 2 condis, and applies 17sec for regen... Twice.) (Monk is probably better. But YOU go farm ascalonian catacombs. I'm not doing it.)

    So what we end up with, is a build capable of keeping up about 15might (spiking to 25 of you try-hard), fury, protection, regeneration and constantly putting out healing, on demand AoE Stability, ranged rez potential... And a wicked fun rotation. And let's not forget, self barrier, damage sharing (as an interesting aside, a unique way of reducing raid damage nobody else brings to the table) and superspeed spam.

    I've never been more excited to farm Lake Dorric.

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    With the loss of rapid regen (constant dispersion field healing) there is no reason to take scrapper for this and I question whether the bulwark is worth it.

    Dont look a gift Asura in the mouth.
    No seriously, dont. Shark teeth.

  • @Dawdler.8521 said:
    With the loss of rapid regen (constant dispersion field healing) there is no reason to take scrapper for this and I question whether the bulwark is worth it.

    Function gyro let's us take Elixer B over Elixer R, which upkeeps 100% fury uptime without loosing a ranged rez.

    What would you take instead?

  • BrokenGlass.9356BrokenGlass.9356 Member ✭✭✭
    edited September 10, 2019

    Swapping scrapper for tools. This has WAY better swiftness and vigor uptime. And there's room for Elixer B and R. Hmmm.... Missing the function and bulwark... Looses stability on demand.
    Also gain a blast finisher on f5


    Any experienced healers have an opinion?

  • Been looking and talking with folks. Scrapper is needed for the bulwark gyro and to maintain stability uptime. Figured that the damage you take when trying to save a group under pressure is significant. So, edited the gear and runes. Feel like I'm onto something.

  • Interesting! I stopped bothering about PvE Raids after some time, though. ^^

    In my opinion monk might be better than sanctuary here (I usually get them from reward tracks).
    Unless you really need the HP and barrier.

    If you use mortar, you could also use altruism-rune for a free cleanse every time you swap mortar-kit.
    But I also heard once conditions are not a problem in PvE raids...
    I'm more of a WvW heal scrapper anyway. ^^

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    Thought about monk runes.... I just.... Gah.

    Yeah... I'm still farming the plaguedoctor. What's more farming?

    Ill have to test how much pressure I'm under in a heavy dps situation in a 10 man to see if I need sanctuary, or if monk let's me heal through the damage.

    Edit: as an aside, I'm now running 5 plaguedoctor trinkets, plaguedoctor headgear, apothecary weapons and legs. The other 4 armor pieces are currently harrier's. And I have to say, it's getting easier and easier to solo as each piece gets swapped out. And I don't feel a reduction in outgoing green numbers. But I'd need some gw2 math genius to help me understand healing coefficients to be sure whether or not, and if so by how much, it's been affected.

  • @BrokenGlass.9356 said:
    But I'd need some gw2 math genius to help me understand healing coefficients to be sure whether or not, and if so by how much, it's been affected.

    On heal-skills where the base heal is neglectable the outgoing heal scales linearly with healing power. Concentration in theory, too, but there is a higher chance of overhealing/strips/corrupts.

    However, some skills have a high base-heal
    For example regeneration 130+0.125*Healing: going in healing power from 1000 to 1200 goes in healing from 255 to 280, so not +20%, but +10%.
    And with comeback-cure you have lots of regeneration.

    I suggest you should install arcDPS. There you have a total-heal and a heal/s display option.
    Also, you can see which skill healed for how much. In WvW it's also recommended for healscrappers.
    Then you can see the effective value directly.

  • I actually have ARC. Trying to find the heal menu for awhile. Not sure how to make it output that data.

    Will Google it on break today

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