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[NA][Mag] LF Friendly, Active Guild (PvX, Casual)

Hello hello!

I'm a returning player that has played off and on throughout the years. I recently decided to come back to the game again. On my decision to return, I've been wanting to seek out a guild that is casual, but tackles all the content whether it's WvW, Fractals, Raids (I'm really interest in raids and completing each one up to the latest release), achievement hunting and even PvP. I definitely would love a guild that's active, very friendly (but also knows how to joke around!) and willing to teach a returner some new tricks! I will give a heads up that I do also play FFXIV, so I split my time between this game and that one (as well as real life). I am based on MT (Mountain Time) and for WvW purposes, I am on Maguuma. Annnnd yea! Looking forward to hearing from people and willing to answer any other questions whether it's here or in-game!


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    BoB would be you answer dear sir

    Will flick you an invite soon

  • Bumping to see who else is out there!

  • Hey Belladonna, I'll give a shot and see if our guild is the right fit for ya.

    We're a small to medium sized guild, but we're pretty close nit! We have about 130 members currently with at least 25+ online during the evening hours. We are mostly EDT, so most of our events are going to be about 6PM MDT for you. We necessarily aren't PvX anymore because it's hard to draw that kind of interest in a small guild like us, but one day we plan to (especially with the release of Alliances). In terms of PvP, not really.

    But, for all aspects of PvE, we got chu! I'm one of the leaders that handles PvE content so I host every kind of open world event train you could possibly think of (or haven't thought of!). I do them every Tuesday and Saturday night. Some examples of event trains that I do include ALL of HoT, LS3, LS4 and PoF maps. We have guildies that host Fractals every Thursday from low tier training runs to T4 and CMs. We have another guild leader that hosts training raids every Friday night and we try out nearly every wing to get more people experienced. We just cleared the first two bosses of Wing 7. We're currently discussing having a "Progression" Raid on Mondays due to our growing interest. We also have two other guild leaders that hosts guild missions and world boss trains every week!

    We are always on discord 24/7 chatting away, either in-game or off-game. We have a forum/website that's pretty active and that's where we post our events. Check out our calendar and forums to get a vibe of how we are! https://rebornofembers.com/forums/

    Hopefully we're a good fit for each other. If you have anymore questions, ping me on discord @ #Peureki.5452 or mail me in-game.

  • Hey! Welcome back to gw2 again :)

    I'm in a small, casual guild that mostly has long-time vets/returning players who are interested in pretty much all aspects of the game (although PvE is definitely our main focus. Especially with the new living season starting now). We have people who like to do t4 fractals and some who are still in the lower tiers and trying to work their way up. For WvW, most of us seem to be on Borlis Pass, but we do have 4 people on Maguuma (but idk how often they do WvW). We don't do raids as much as we used to, mostly due to having a tough time getting a full group together without having to have a bunch of pugs :(

    We get together every Friday night at 8:30PM EST and every Saturday night at 8PM MT for guild activities, which change from week to week depending on what people want to do. Could be guild missions, WvW, fractals, festivals, meta events, or whatever event GW2 has going on at the time. This is mostly used as a time to have fun together and hang out. We sometimes also use those times to do things outside of gw2, like browser games or movie nights.

    The guild is called Memories of Arah (MoA). We use Discord for both text and voice chat. We don't require 100% representation. We don't kick for inactivity. Let me know if this seems like a decent fit or if you have any questions :)

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