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First tournament in months,

cptaylor.2670cptaylor.2670 Member ✭✭✭✭

And I get a match against 3 holos, a scourge, and a firebrand.

Why is this allowed exactly?

And then trying to say that holo is trash in competitive, but then stacking 3 of a "trash" class?

I mean, why do you expect people to engage in this content if you're going to do nothing to prevent class stacking or balance classes that are in desperate need of balance?

I never bother with these tournaments because of kitten like this and wouldn't expect to get far either way, but to have a blowout match and spawn camping because they're stacking the flavor of the month class?

I guess it is what it is. Too busy changing the damage coefficients on offhand weapons and traits that nobody uses instead of actually making changes to classes that need reworking.


  • Marxx.5021Marxx.5021 Member ✭✭✭

    Tournament groups are player made.

  • Who says Holo is trash? Pretty sure everyone's in agreement that it's currently the strongest class. Outside of maybe that Vagrant guy.

    ~ God Tier Guardian

  • AT's are full of LFG teams atm except for the 2 teams in finals most of the time, which means they aren't organized enough to counter any comp.
    So yea holos are strong af in this case, they're strong no matter what but when it's unorganized it's a lot stronger than any other class.

    That's my alt account btw

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