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[SHNY] A small social PVE Guild [EU]

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About a skritt at heart [SHNY]

We are a casual PvE guild with a focus on fashion wars. A small friendly, social bunch of skritt. 🐀

Fashion wars?

Yes we are PvE guild but also have love for fashion wars. This means we have channels on discord dedicated to our fashion/screenshot game. People that arent into the fashion are of course also welcome to join. Other then just share our screenshots we also hold fashion wars contests with a diffrent theme every single time. During seasonal guild events you can expect a run on the catwalk!

Casual raiding?

Yes we raid! We have experienced and not very experienced players. But as said we are casual even people that are completly new are allowed to join! Aslong as you know what you're doing with your class!

Aventure Tuesday?

Event night? Event night! Yes on fridays we play diffrent things it can be dungeons, bounties, meta events, world boss runs etc. You get the point, we decide on something and do it. Its that simple and fun!

Guild missions?

Im sure you know what that is, its guild missions.

Seasonal guild events?

Halloween? Chrismas? Easter? any other excuse to throw a party? We'll take it! So a couple of times a year we hold events in the guild hall or differnt places. What do we do? Lots of diffrent things ingame and on discord. Quizes, pictonairy, custom jps for that event? Why not! What we as a guild will exactly do, will vary.

Minecraft server

SHNY has a survival minecraft server for its guild members to play on whenever they want

What is expected from members:

  • Maturity and friendliness: We're here to enjoy the game and there is no doubt there will be silly moments. What matters is you preserve a mature and friendly attitude. Keep an open mind, follow the general etiquette and there shall be no drama!

  • Decent amount of communication: We expect you to engage with the guild chat, in-game and/or on here. Say a simple hi/bye, feel free to ask/answer questions and just chat with us. No one will bite!

  • Fair amount of representation: There are no percentages to meet with representation, we just want you to be fair. If this guild provides you good time, give something back with a simple click.

  • Consistent activity and participation: To not end up running a graveyard, we cleanup inactive members periodically. We also don't do lots of events every day and expect you to join them all but when we do organize things, we'd like to see you there!

It is really important that you can satisfy at least 2 of those expectations,

while maturity and friendliness is a must.

Also using discord is mandetory!

We are a small guild and dont intend on getting big,

there is also a possibility to grow in ranks, we have an eye of for officers.

Do you want to join our band of chatty skritt?

Apply on our website shny.eu

you can also find ways to contact us there or leave a message below


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