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Scribe, hall decorations crafting and account / soul bound decorations

Hi all,

As a returning player, I want to pick up the scribe discipline to provide decorations for a small guild, and I was curious if the scribe can use every items in the guild storage.

Let's take for example the Norn Holo-Dancer:

It requires Fragments of the Solid Ocean which itself requires Fractal Relics. One of our player actually have lots of fractal relics.
If this player buys Fragments of the Solid Ocean, can the scribe use them for crafting, despite being account bound to the other player? Or should the scribe provide himself all the "ingredients", including the Fragments of the Solid Ocean?


  • Scribe has access to guild storage. You can convert/upgrade existing decorations. If you are the leader of the guild, all is fine. If not, ask the leader if you can use the valuable/expensive stuff. Some of the decorations can be difficult to replace for smaller guilds.

  • I was told by my GM to not bother at all with scribe as it wasn't worth it for anyone

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    The Fragments of the Solid Ocean consumable is only account bound until the player double-clicks it to consume it. Once consumed, it appears in the guild storage, where any scribe belonging to that guild (and with the appropriate permissions) can then craft with it.

    Edit to add: there are several account bound ingredients that the scribe will have to self-provide, such as the Gifts required to make Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra. You can help offset that by asking guildmates to provide other materials, but you'll want to check the various recipes before you start making them to avoid getting tripped up by something being more expensive than you realized.

    Good luck, have fun.

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