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WvW Small scale/roamer build

Hello people of the mists

I have recently been looking for a reason to keep my rev as its probably my most underused class due to the upkeep mechanic (and I could never seem to manage it properly), however was looking to dust it off and bring it into WvW.


This is the build I am starting with. I do like the shortbow so will probably keep it (thus keeping renegade). I am looking for ideas on changes, to know whats good, whats bad, what can be tweaked....etc. Maybe even tips on managing the upkeep. This is build I threw together quick and tested for a few minutes in WvW (got a holo and a condi mirage...only 2 encounters I found in the few minute period I had). I spammed my abilities so obviously it was beginners luck lol.

Any help would be appreciated.

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