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Out dated consumables and summon cool down timers

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Hello Arena net and everyone else browsing the ongoing discussions

Id like to bring our attention towards an interesting mechanic that is very fun to mess around with and can extend our attention span towards the open world experience but has been left behind in a outdated nerf that is overshadowed by elite spec and expansion based enemy power creep ( even if we dont want to admit it, the enemies are just stronger now and so are we ! ).
We can summon an army! But, proper nerfs of days gone by have removed the ability to use these summons effectively. Why not reverse the nerfs and allow us to have some fun with out having the exaggerated cool-down?

I suggest perhaps cut the cool down in half and remove some of the shared cool downs.
For example: " The cooldown [of the fire elemental] is currently shared with Pocket Jade Armor and Sunspear Paragon Support consumable ".

I hope to hear feedback! Thank you for your time and consideration into this mechanic.


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    this is something with very potential to bring flavor to the game, but is neglected. Also we need more accurate guides on this, the most complete one was made by dulfy but is outdated.;


    the open world bundles had also more potential, in older games like street rage theses bundles like knifes was a must.

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