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Profession markings for a group?

Rico.6873Rico.6873 Member ✭✭✭
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(Being able to see these icons above someone's head would make it easier for classes that require a team to be close for the buffs)

We have markings for squads: Circle, Square, Triangle, Star, etc
Having large markings for each profession would help a ton in working together and seeing
Which class is where in the mess that a fight can be sometimes

We now have these markings for squads only

Profession markings for both groups/squads would give clarity to all
The markings already exist in 2d now we just need them as an pickable option for parties/squads


  • Lexi.1398Lexi.1398 Member ✭✭✭
    edited September 10, 2019

    in terms of just raid/fractals, i can't see it being too useful - in raids it'd have to prioritise boon-providing classes name tags to be able to even see them most of the time, only slightly less of an issue in fractals, since you are for the sheer majority of most fights just stacking on the boss. if it's really crucial, maybe for first time raiders who don;t know about stacking yet, then commander can simply mark the boon providers- but that's rarely nesseccary since again, for most bosses you're gonna be on the boss or stacking a set location in the arena. that said i wouldn't exactly complain if it was a thing unless i couldn't turn it off.

    i dont do pvp, but i can definitely see it being useful in wvw- providing that 1. you can't see classes of the enemy and 2. there's some way to control screen clutter. a full zerg of -large- icons would just be impossible to see anything. mayhaps if it replaced the small dot and each icon was r/g/b respectively? though it'd still be difficult to see in a sea of 50 dots. perhaps subgroup only?

  • casualkenny.9817casualkenny.9817 Member ✭✭✭
    edited September 11, 2019

    Could use something similar to the mentor tag interface, so key ppl can toggle on their head-icons (and choose which type of icon, whether profession or buff/dps/healer etc), while everyone gets option to show or hide party decals

    Or a comm can do the marking on specific squad members (to prevent mischief)

  • I'd like to have to option to see the health bars on ally's head like in PVP without using any add on

  • What if someone is playing a core build?

  • Rico.6873Rico.6873 Member ✭✭✭

    @EmmetOtter.8542 said:
    What if someone is playing a core build?

    Core icons would also be included yes

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