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Jahai Bluffs?

What time is Jahai Bluffs active? I'm in Pacific Time. I've been catching up after a long absence and I wanted to do death branded shatterer daily, but almost any time I'm on it's a ghost town. Hard to get a crystal infusion if nobody's playing...


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    Check the event timer , then be in game and check lfg shortly before the escort events start. Organized maps will want to do the escort events, as their success does have an impact on the Shatterer event itself.

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    The EU servers are busiest in the evening European time, roughly from 16:00 - 23:00 GMT. The NA servers are busiest in the evening USA time, but as I don't play on them often I don't know exact timings.

    But as long as you're not playing in the middle of the night the most important steps in finding people to do a meta event is to check the timing to make sure the event will happen while you're online and then check the LFG tool in advance of the event starting to find a group, or if you don't see one advertise your map to get people to come to you. Don't just hope you'll load into a map with lots of people planning to do the event, that's unlikely to happen and it's even more unlikely if there is an organised group because then that map will fill up more quickly and the game will create a copy to put people into.

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    Try tag up on pre event and announce in map, normally the randons joins quickly. Also in NA server in weekends theres some guilds/groups thats runs a "infusion boss train".

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  • There's a traveling Living Word Season 4 group train that visits Jahai Bluffs, Thunderhead Keep, and Domain of Istan. They usually post in the LFG and can go on for about 4 hours. They definitely cover the Death Branded Shatterer as part of their rotation.

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    At reset there is an infusion Zerg that does pinata-gerent-octovine-death shatterer. Death Shatter is @ 8:15 central time. The infusion Zerg brings in 25+ most days

    That said. Infusion drop is hit by lightning chances.....

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    i think it’s better to do other things to make gold and buy one. with coin event there was a player every time i was there since release. i was sometimes there now and then. and later i saw the player had the infusion equipped. i said gz but the player bought it. i also want a expensive infusion but i gave up on those events. it’s a nice boss fight but waste of time if you go for the infusion. disappointed every kill.

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