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I am not able to buy GEMs

I can't decide whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. ;-) . Seriously, I submitted a ticket two days ago and still haven't heard anything from the acclaimed ArenaNet troubleshooting division. Once upon a time you would a submit a ticket and within an hour or two, you'd get in game acknowledgement. I have tried PayPal and a Credit Card for three days now and I think the problem is once there is a single hiccup, it shuts the system down for a period of time (24 hours ?). I am searching for a phone number but can not even find that. I used to hold ArenaNet in high esteem but am wondering if management changes have worked to the detriment. Thanks for all serious responces.


  • I heard somewhere that it may be related to my Norton Anti Virus software. Would disabling a particular feature for a brief time be advisable ? Thanks again :-)

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    Your best bet is contacting customer service (I know). Otherwise, you might consider posting here instead of the general forum. Unfortunately, no one here can really assist with this issue.

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  • Due to high volume, the usual (72-hour window for) responses are a bit longer than usual. The CS Team will assist you once your ticket makes its way through the queue.

    Good luck.

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    You won't get a response from support in-game. As far as I'm aware that's not something they've ever done. Instead you'll get an email (to the email address associated with your account) with instructions on what to do, or notifying you that they've fixed the problem. Similarly there isn't a phone number for customer support (and never has been) it's always email.

    Check your junk/spam folder just to make sure the reply didn't go in there and if there's nothing there or in your inbox you could respond to the ticket to update them - let them know you've tried again to buy gems and it's still not working, and of course include any error messages or a screenshot of what happens if you have one.

    Make sure you respond to the original ticket BTW - if you start a new one it's counted as a new problem and you're moved to the back of the queue.

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  • Make sure you've 'submitted a ticket' using the web-forum, and not the in-game Bug Report window.

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